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Aluminum Cast Injection machine
We have several sets of die casting machine and we have many years of practical experience in die casting aluminum parts.
Painting Line
In-house SMD Machine
14 PCB board optical inspection facility
6 As shown, a batch of aluminum parts from the subwoofer housing are being sprayed.
Company Facilities Gallery
We have 5 sets of CNC machinery that allows us to make custom cut, polish finishing on different kinds of metal material including aluminum, copper, titanium, etc. We also design and make various of toolings through these CNC machine.
13 CNC Machines
2 Polishing aluminum surface
Toolings for aluminum components Building toolings for our own uses and for custom requests
Speaker Assembly line
All the speakers and sub woofers has been inspect, assembled well, quality check before delivery.
Audio Analyzer AP(Audio Precision)
We do offers professional audio measurement and calibration for R&D team and production use through audio precision audio analyzer. Our AP audio measurement equipment provides the measurements as below which consist of Level & Gain, THD+N, Phase, Signal Noise Ratio and So on.
SoundCheck and LMS for speaker R & D and production line
We using SoundCheck and LMS equipment for fast testing and extensive acoustic analysis.
15 LMS for acoustic analysis
16 SoundCheck on speaker line
CNC Router Machine
We provide flexible CNC routing service, we offer subwoofer fabrication, or others custom service. Whether it’s wood, metal, acrylic or fiberglass, our in-house CNC router can custom your need. 
Laser engraving machine
Works on plastics, aluminum and dozens of material for lasered logos and contents
Electronic engineering
Our self-researched and developed amplifiers and crossovers can meet different requests from customers.
Structural Design Engineering
Mechanical engineers uses Pro-E/CAD software and 3D printers to make prototype in order to ensure the product precision and performance.
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